bandhni dress

You are not living under a rock if you have heard this word at least once recently. This stunning print trend is here to stay, and for good reason. Have you ever closely examined it? You’ll be astounded by the complexity and fall in love with everything handmade.

Since true luxury goes beyond aesthetics, it may be found in the process by which a garment is created, from start to finish. The process,imperfections, and the allure of it all coming together just so are what make the story.

How did this beautiful printing method come to be? It is a story from the . Indus Valley Civilization. The first instance of the most widespread The paintings from the sixth century that are located on the wall of Cave I at Ajanta feature a particular sort of Bandhani dot.

Our favorite Bandhani garments have come a long way from the sixth century to the twenty-first. From caves to garments, it has progressed from murals to pant suits.

The design ethos of Pink City is based on this authentic old-world charm. By adopting current silhouettes and keeping in mind the modern power-woman, we take the appeal of the outdated and make it our own. Each design is constructed using the enduring Indian handmade skills.

With our top 3 Bandhani Picks from Pink City, up your style ante:

Beautiful Indigo in our coordinated Kaftan set: We strongly advise you to check out our Bandhani Co-ord Set if you think co-ords are a purely.you can also buy for a party western wear dress . It screams casual chic and will easily up your style ante. For any cozy gathering this holiday season

  1 . Enchanting accents on the neck and sleeves using things like mirror work, pearls, and Dori work on the canvas of Red & Indigo Bandhani             happiness are just what you need.

2. Wear our Seven-star cape ensemble and go red or go home: The new dupattas are capes, which are fuss-free, dramatic, and the ideal silhouette to finish an outfit. Our favorite Bandhani dress designs are staples like this stylish combo, with adaptability at the top of the list. There are so many interesting ways to dress up or  casual  wear dress down this outfit to match the occasion:

– You can wear the traditional cigarette pants with a beige shirt and sneakers.

Put on the magnificent Bandhani cloak, a white strappy top, and some mom jeans.

– To embrace your inner no-nonsense maharani vibe, pair the kurta and cigarette pants with gold studs.

Do you need any more justifications to add this outfit to your list of must-purchase Bandhani dresses online? Hopefully not!

In our Kesar Yellow Short Kaftan and Bell bottoms, we shine brighter than the Tuscan Sun: This one’s for you if you appreciate all things bell bottom. All Indian ladies are overjoyed that this pant silhouette is back and better than before since it accentuates Indian curves to their fullest potential. This Bandhani kaftan has the ideal amount of waist cinching to pull off the cozy-chic holiday vibe that we at Pink City like. You’re all set to rock the show with a marsala lip, gold strappy heels, and loose hair.

With our stylish and modern interpretation of We know Bandhani you can’t wait to add it to your wardrobe, right?

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